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The Accent to enhance your brand concept, multiply its appeal potential, in a marketing approach, because we are sure that your brand must become the heroin of his own history. 


The Icon to create its graphic universe, its image, the one that will make you iconic, inspiring, and give rise to emotions. The heart of my job. Words and images.


You evolve in the world of beauty. You can also be a photographer, fashion stylist, blogger or lawyer; think about the impact that a beautiful visual identity can have

on your customers. 


I am also a cosmetic designer.

I accompany you in your cosmetic projects: advising you on the construction of your skincare ranges, recommending active ingredients, evaluating formulas, creating the concept, the briefs,

right up to taking charge of the design ...


"Design is the silent ambassador

of your brand. "

Paul Rand


A vision that looks at all facets of your brand. Much more than logo design, a coherent visual identity and a well thought-out graphic charter are important growth levers for your business. They reflect the commitment you put into making it thrive every day.


My expertise: find the point of differentiation, determine the graphic design that will carry your project, your brand, build it and accompany you in the sustainability of your business.


Creating the concept, associating materials, colours and appeal to all senses. Make a unique composition, which will help you to reveal the beauty that is within you.


Provoke emotion by the judicious choice of a typography, a shade or a graphic design, ...


Make the right choice of a form of packaging, imagine the graphic design that will be its most beautiful attire and make the adhesion of your audience.


Paying attention to the smallest detail: imagining patterns, illustrations, that will give style to your brand.

Your customers will be sensitive to this extra soul that says a lot about you.



We can collaborate

at any time in the life of your brand:

at the start of your project or at a turning point in your development: new market to conquer, brand repositioning,

range redesign, redesign of the graphic charter,

creation of a new concept ...

A clear project development method for the development

of your brand, your product.


The IRIS method.



and define with you your precise needs. Help you find the right positioning for your brand and products by proposing a coherent and clearly defined concept once the specifications have been validated.



by elaborating the range, the products, the fruit of exchanges with you and feedback on the analysis of the competition, the positioning of your brand, the definition of its territory, supported by mood boards for a global vision. 



by building the visual identity, the graphic design, the logotype, the colour palettes in harmony, the motifs, the choice of typography, the packaging (choice of shapes, product identity) up to the realization of the launch communication or some print elements.



by advising you at every stage of the project on the best creative options, the best technical choices and accompanying you through to the manufacturing process with the support of suitable partners. Once finalized, your brand is ready.


Santé, Aromatherapy and Pharma


Experimental perfumery design, I mastermise the commitment of perfumes and cosmétiques on the bolt of the doctrine, and puise into its riches to create perfumes of the interior, health and well-being in the universe.





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