I often hear this question in the course of my perfume projects, and I fully understand this concern. Standard packaging is an excellent choice and a good compromise for starting a fragrance line, without the heavy investment of glassware.

Between the specific and the standard, it's all a question of choice and budget, and all options are good as long as it's consistent with your brand and your goals, and I'm here to bring out your personality.

Visual identity and graphic charter


Your visual identity is the face that your company offers to its customers and partners.

It deserves to be cared for to accurately reflect your values and personality.

A well thought-out and coherent visual identity declined in a well thought-out graphic charter, allow you to communicate in all serenity.

It's the way to make yourself irresistible to your clients.

In any other sector than beauty, it is a subject I master just as perfectly.

Artistic direction
Product design

You want a unique project that only looks like you, only like your brand.

I was in charge of the artistic direction of bottle projects and in particular the creation of 3 standard bottles for the Coverpla Company, 3 specific shapes according to the brief given with the help of a product designer specialized in glass flasks and its constraints. 3 unique and elegant shapes, each positioned on a precise segment.

Even without making the investment of a specific design, I will be able to advise you in the construction of the image of your products.
Making the right choices of standard containers and the right accessories will guarantee you to be unique. Graphic personalization and your secondary packaging will be the ultimate packaging. The possibilities are infinite, I will use colors, shapes and finishes for a haute couture project that is unlike any other. I encourage you to read my blog posts here.

We will choose from an offer adapted to your quantities and your budget, the best packaging and we will create the emotion of the first meeting with your finished product, totally unique.


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